Commercial Solar Design

Our expert team at Melbourne Energy Group is the perfect choice to bring renewable energy to your business premises as specialists in commercial solar design. Our 13 years of experience in commercial solar system design, from roof mount options to solar arrays on unused land and ground, makes us the best choice to access clean energy that suits your individual commercial needs.

If you're considering investing in commercial solar panels, get in touch with our team at Melbourne Energy Group today. Our reputation for the design and installation of commercial solar systems and the quality of our work makes us the best team for the job.

How we do it

Every installation we carry out starts with a professional, considered design. We follow every step necessary to achieve an entirely bespoke commercial solar design that works for you. Here's how we do it:

Every design starts with an on-site inspection

Our trained team will come to you on-site to perform checks, carry out measurements, and see exactly what we're working with for your specific project design process. We take the extra step of thorough inspection to ensure your commercial solar system design fits your purpose, works for your needs, and fits into the specific space and dimension you're working with.

We work with you to create a commercial solar design

Once we've taken a look at the site, we can then sit down with you and discuss the options available. Our professional team has insight into exactly what works for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking to move to clean energy in the long term or you'd like to take advantage of other commercial solar benefits, we work with you to create a design that fits.

Our expert designers create the ideal solution

Following our on-site inspection and chat with you and your team, we will then be able to go away and draw up the ideal system design for your commercial premises. Every design we create uses the best materials and components for the job, and we'll always work to your specific budget to achieve an excellent outcome. If you have particular requirements for system performance, scale, or different options for solar panels, we can include these as part of the service.

We provide a clear quote for our services

Once you approve the design, we'll be able to provide a clear, accurate and transparent quote for our installation and monitoring services. Our comprehensive quote will include an in-depth insight into the specific materials, systems, and monitoring solutions we're including. We'll even sit down with you and ensure you understand every charge on our bill before you approve the project.

Why go with Melbourne Energy Group for commercial solar system design?

Our attention to detail and commitment to going the extra mile for our commercial customers are key reasons why we're the best choice for you. With more than 13 years of expert experience, and hundreds of bespoke solar panel designs and commercial solar installation under our belts, we're able to achieve the results you're looking for. Get in touch today to find out more.

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