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Storage devices, commonly referred to as batteries, are installed alongside of your solar PV system. The battery is connected to the solar panels on the roof and stores the power until you most need it. With battery back up, there are 2 main benefits.

Melbourne Energy Group are certified Tesla Powerwall Installers. We can happily recommend the best solution for each system to maximise energy consumption from your solar panels and give you access to stored energy when you need it most.

  1. If you lose power supply from the grid you will continue to have power.
  2. You can use the power at night when the solar PV is not generating power from the sun, drastically reducing energy bills.
Tesla Battery


An inverter is an essential part of your solar panel system. Inverters are installed with every solar system as they convert the energy produced by the system in direct current (DC), into alternating current (AC) 240V that can be used for powering your house or business. Without an inverter, the energy produced by the solar panels wouldn’t be usable. Depending on the size of your system you might only need one inverter, as the system gets larger, multiple inverters will be required.

We use high-quality battery storage options from Tesla, Fronius and Solar Edge and will always recommend the best option for your solar system requirements.

Fronius Inverters

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