How much Power can Commercial Solar Panels Save?

For many Melbourne businesses, commercial solar installation is an attractive prospect. With multiple commercial solar benefits, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to install solar panels. But no other reason is quite as popular as the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and save on your power bills. We've covered all you need to know about commercial solar power savings below.

How much Power can Commercial Solar Panels Save?

How efficient are commercial solar panels?

Efficiency can make a big difference when it comes to getting the most power out of your commercial solar design. These factors can affect how efficient your system is, which in turn influences how much energy you're saving every single day.

Effective solar panel design

For solar panels to be as functional and power-saving as possible, they need to be professionally designed for your specific purposes and goals. Our expert team at Melbourne Energy Group specialises in creating bespoke solar systems to suit the needs of your business and save you costs.

The size of your solar system, the location of your panels, and their orientation and tilt can all impact the efficiency of your solar system. Installing solar panels in areas without significant shadow can also help to boost efficiency. While weather and sunlight intensity is out of your control, a specialised commercial solar installer will always go the extra mile for the best possible placement.

Professional maintenance and monitoring services

Ongoing care and maintenance make a big difference to efficiency over time. Monitoring services can ensure everything is running as it should, while scheduled servicing can reduce the potential costs of breakdowns while helping to peak your production overall.

What kind of savings can you get with commercial solar panels?

The big question: how much money can you save with a commercial solar installation? There are two excellent ways to reduce your cost and gain an excellent Return on Investment for your new solar power system installation.

Saving on your own energy bill

If you are generating the energy you use entirely through your solar system, there's no need for you to pay costly energy bills or expensive utilities to anyone else. Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal for many solar installs, reducing your carbon footprint and dropping those costly bills in one go. If your solar system can account for 100% of your usage, or even 50%, that represents a significant reduction in your costs month on month.

Feed-in tariff rates

For any excess solar energy produced, you're able to sell that energy back to the grid as a feed-in tariff. It's worth checking which tariff is on offer to get the best deal, but over time you may find that your solar system pays for itself with the money it's putting back into the grid for you.

What's the average cost of commercial solar panels?

What does a commercial solar panel system cost? That depends on a huge range of factors, from the size of your installation to the choice of parts. You may also be eligible for Government rebates to reduce the cost of installing an efficient solar panel system.

At Melbourne Energy Group, we offer bespoke solar quotes based on your specific business and goals. Get in touch today to get a tailored quote designed for your commercial business.

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